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Why do I need Livescan Fingerprinting to get a background check?
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Why do I need Livescan Fingerprinting to get a background check?

Hello again everybody, here at Anytime Mobile Fingerprinting, LLC.  We want our customers to understand what we have to offer them, and why they need our services in the first place.
1.) What is Livescan Fingerprinting?
Traditionally fingerprinting has been processed with ink which took weeks to get results back from the state.  Now the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) has required a more advanced system of fingerprinting that provides results with 24 to 48 hours.  Livescan fingerprinting is the new era of the fingerprinting industry.  When one of our customers are waiting on results of a background check in order to get a job, Livescan Fingerprinting is here to save the day.  You will be earning money in just a couple of days. 
2.)  Why do I have to get fingerprints for a background check?
When you get your fingerprints processed with our Livescan device,  your prints are transmitted to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.  Once they receive this transmission (instantly) the background check is initiated. 
3.) What do I need to get processed by Anytime Mobile Fingerprinting, LLC?
  • ORI number (and OCA number if applicable) normally printed on Livescan submission form
  • Photo ID (Driver license or passport)
  • Cash, Visa, mastercard, Discovery,business check
4.) What is an ORI number?
An ORI number stands for Originating Agency Identifier.  These numbers are 9 digits with both numbers and letters and are isued by the FBI.  The orientation of the number depends on the agency you are working for. 
For example, if you are working for VECHS as a volunteer, your ORI number may look like this: V########   where V stands for volunteer.  If you do not have an ORI number, you will need to contact the agency that is requiring you to get fingerprinted with the Livescan.  We cannot process you until you have this number. Give us a call and we can help you out with finding this number.  Remember, we are here for you. 
5.) I can't afford a mobile fee, can I meet Anytime Fingerprinting somewhere closer to the company location to reduce the mobile fee?
If a mobile fee is a problem, we would be glad to meet you somewhere that will budget your mobile fee to your liking.  If you live in Orlando and we are in Tampa, well then meet us in Lake land and the mobile fee will be cut in half.
6.) Why should you choose Anytime Mobile Fingerprinting, LLC?
Our company is built upon the concept of "at your service" convenience.  We have 5 years experience in the fingerprint industry.  We are compliant with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement's standards to be a Livescan device provider.  Our equipment is of the highest quality from Cross Match Technologies
You don't have to go to down town Tampa to get your fingerprints done.  We are a mobile company with affordable mobile rates.  We will work with you to get the job done quick, accurate, and on your watch.  We are in operation every day of the week all day long.  You don't have to take off early from work or go on your lunch break for fingerprints.  We are just a phone call away: 813-956-6359

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Why do I need Livescan Fingerprinting to get a background check?
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Why do I need Livescan Fingerprinting to get a background check?
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